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i would not recommend viking. they have a high turnover with techs which means you are going to have a tech with no experience.No tech is there for more than a year.

They get rid of you to hire someone else for peanuts. Their service manager in Audubon branch drinks and drives daily and apparently sexual harrassment is ok with them. I know ....i worked there. Jay walters and Eve Pappas are the management there who swept the drinking and driving and the stalking of a female employee under the table to keep the image of their office clean.

What are they gonna do when the drunk has an accident and possibly ruins an innocent family. The thought of these people make me sick

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the reason they use the sticky pads is because they are untrained.A monkey could lay down a sticky pad. What they should do is go through your home and seal up possible entry points.

Also inform you on any structural problems you may have that can be fixed by a contractor. Viking goes through employees like WaWa goes through coffee....never use them...they suck

to To,Me Newark, New Jersey, United States #630300

sometimes structural problems cant be found due to siding hiding problems , foundations with crawl spaces that cant be acessed or bad exterior work that can make a mouse problem unsolveable


I think Viking Pest Control is disgusting. I think it is one thing to set traps to catch rats and bring them somewhere else, but to set traps AND put sticky residue in the traps to cause rats to stick to paper and die a cruel death, to me, is DISGUSTING.

It's not enough for the rat to go into the cage and get trapped...what is the need for the sticky *** inside?!

I just don't get it. I would never use this company and have heard nothing but bad things said about it

to Me Newark, New Jersey, United States #630296

sometimes with kids and animals a snap trap will cause injury. it depends on what we need to do the job safely. snap traps are more humane but sometimes that is not always the best to use


Wow --what did I do?


Also, I'd like to point out that Mike was given an award several months back from your company for 'employee of the year' and given a $1.00 raise, while most employees get only a 0.25 raise per year (pay attention new techs and future techs), so lazy? That contradicts itself Cristi.

The reason he ended up taking time off is because your company does 'forced' overtime, which is perfectly legal but you make your techs work 6 days a week. So, in order for him to see a doctor, since he is diabetic or take care of a family need was to take days off. Perhaps your company should consider that when they hire people. Not that I'm on here defending anything your drunk-face has to say, but this information is for all the future techs and possible customers of your company.

Not one tech likes you either, they will say that they do to your face, but behind your back, they all talk about you, just as you talk about them. Mike did far more managing of that company than you did as they preferred to call him with questions instead of you. I'm so glad I didn't allow him to associate with any of you outside of work, I may not be rich, but I know white trash when I see it. Great managing skills...sitting her on a forum making fun of me...bad move ***, I'll sit here all day and tell EVERYONE everything you say about EACH of them.

Seriously, I'm just WAITING for you to post even one more time you silly little nit-wit, then I take it a step up.

So, enjoy your working environment by the time I'm done. :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin


I did send this to your email Cristi, but in case you don't get it, I'll just copy and paste it here for you.....

First off...

I don't know you, nor would I associate with your 'type' so I suggest you discontinue calling me and my child 'messed-up...thanks. I've never seen a manager who acts in the way that you have.

You are immature, make a public a$$ of yourself, and attack an innocent child who has NEVER done you wrong. If you so much as put one more word out about me on a public forum, I will have no choice but to do the same in return. managers are not supposed to get emotionally tied up with employees for one...I don't give a *** what you and Mike fight about onesome *** forum, but you as a manager should know to ignore such trash, this is just one of the many reasons I know you are a HORRIBLE manager. I've managed people before and always took a neutral stance in everything, but from conversations I've overheard between Mike and other techs, you have no real skills as far as management you have trash talked EVERY one of your employees and I have no problem contacting ALL of them to let them know EXACTLY what you have said about each of shut your face and stop talking about me.

Thrash my husband, but you cross a line with me, and you're gonna be crying your b@lls off you fu#k-face di#k. Comprende?... or were my words too far above your 'beer and ***' mentality? Now, my suggestion to you is to apologize to's real simple, open that f@t mouth of yours and just do it.

How would you like it if I called you and your child messed up???? Especially considering I don't even know you? Oh and I let Eve and Jay know EXACTLY what you've been saying about an innocent person on a public forum, I hope they wise up some day and trash your pathetic a$$. I'm sure it makes VIKING look HORRIBLE knowing a tech manager is putting out private information on a site.

So you and your drunk-a$$ friend had better cease this deplorable behavior because *** won't like me, and you won't like how I handle your nasty used-up a$$. I always keep things legal, but I never keep things pretty so...what say you? Are you done making fun of ME on a public forum or shall I go ahead and continue showing every one else in Viking management how you handle this type of thing?'re a sick skag, really.

As a manager you should've just ignored Mike's rant on a consumer reporting site, most REAL managers would.

Anyway, glad I never met you, you're definatly not my 'type' of's great you have a dog's picture up on your facebook profile too, it's a lot better then the wreck you call your face. Focus on your own messed up kid (I hear you yell at her a lot from another tech who has seen it) and less time worrying about me.


im still laughing at hard working....does that mean hard at work getting drunk?


oh and hey Ryan mr vice president...when questioning the techs about cristy drinking dont ask roundabout questions..just ask if they saw cristy drinking on the job..these guys have families and arent going to come right out with the info...they are afraid of being fired.


There's more for you Cristi on the other page you decided to comment on...might want to go thrill yourself with that too you ***-hole


truth must hurt alcoholics..and lol@ hard working people....every one of your customers says your right hand dont know what your left hand is doing. I will be taking all your pissed off customers with me to my new better paying,better customer service job and im so happy to not deal with miserable drunks in the office(cristine weaver) and management thats drunk or dont give a ***.

I will also actually have a sprayer that works unlike an inexperienced tech that you have that had to go and buy a plastic home depot version.

And really...bring my family in this...thats typical Viking maturity...grow up sexual harrassment alcoholics....I doubt any of you would say anything to my face....enjoy your office being investigated....and really is slamming me on here going to do you any good..its the internet...nobody on here has any clue who i am but they do know who viking is and where audubon nj is

half of you *** are either drunk or stoned ,,,,feel free to talk with me one on one


It looks to me he was more or less complaining about the drinking and driving? Sounds like a horrible company.

I don't care why he was fired, but the fact that these people allow such behavior is rediculous. Not the first time I heard these complaints about Viking, and probably won't be the last. He might've been fired for whatever reasons but to allow drinking and driving is a pretty horrible thing to do.

Sexual harassment too, that's pretty serious. And then the fact that the company would allow one of their employees to actually respond to this guy on here shows me that they are totally unprofessional idiots.

Just sayin

Gee it couldn't be ur crappy attendance work ethic or attitude that got you fired ? How dare you make up stuff about people to make yourself feel better. Perhaps you should take a look in the mirror and at your screwed up family and spend some time looking for a new job instead of spreading lies about honest hardworking people unlike yourself Mike!


I will not stop my quest against Viking until Eve Pappas,Jay Walters,and Cristy Lavin are removed from their positions...the alternative will be an innocent victim hit by a drunk driver.


ALSO, after confronting upper management in the Audubon NJ branch about the service manager(Cristy Lavin)drinking at work daily I was fired a week later. I then wrote a detailed letter to the vice president of the company letting him know what was taking place in Audubon and again it seems that they dont care about the safety of the public or the safety of their own employees.

I just cant believe that the image of an office is more important than drunk driving and sexual harrassment(stalking). I am currently trying to get a local news affiliate to investigate this office

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