This company is full of inept and petty management. They are too busy fighting with one another to bother with quality service.

They lie to their customers, and when they are dissatisfied, rarely take responsibility. They have some of the highest prices for things you could go to Home Depot for. It's a rip off and a joke. There is sexual harassment across the board, lazy managers who let all the work fall on their underpaid and overworked employees.

Forced over time/6 day work weeks even when unnecessary. Management will punish their technicians over personal matters with poor routes. The scheduling is a joke, the call centers are full of untrained morons, and they hire family and friends but will NOT fire them no matter how badly they perform.

If you want to work for, or hire a pest control company, go to a business of quality.

Look for somewhere that hires their technicians for more than 11-13/hour - the low pay and NO TRAINING brings very poor quality work. A lot of damaged homes and unhappy customers, I have no idea how this company is still running. The Human Resources department cannot be trusted. If you are sexually harassed (as a woman, you will be treated as a piece of meat) you have no one to bring it to without everyone in the company finding out about it.

The technicians are given insane amounts of work and extremely poor routes, expected to do it no matter how late they have to work, then are given forced days off in the winter time. This is a shameful company.

I have no clue how any of the managements or owners sleep at night.

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I see nothing has changed over the years


Actually what she says is true. I know guys that worked for this place and she is right on the money. Glad I don't have to work for these bums.

Hackensack, New Jersey, United States #808977

so let me guess, you are a pissed off former female employee who really hates your former boss. well la tee da the world is full of people ike you.

to bugs Atlantic City, New Jersey, United States #753960

they claim to be a "family business," but are worse than some of the big boys. poor customer service and poor training are just a couple of the issues. poor routing and burning out techs are a couple more.


Sounds just like Terminix! :grin

Trenton, New Jersey, United States #728999

Wow! That place will never change! :eek

to Anonymous #730049

No kidding!

to Anonymous Atlantic City, New Jersey, United States #749357

HaHaHa! No excuses for poor service!

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